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35 overs Tour Phoenix Academy 1st XI v SWJCL 1st XI
Sunday, February 22 2009 (11:50) at Meadow Road
Phoenix Academy 1st XI won toss and decided to bat
Phoenix Academy 1st XISWJCL 1st XI
204 for 5 (35.0 overs)180 for 9 (35.0 overs)
2 Hours, 22 Minutes. 2 Hours, 32 Minutes.
Phoenix Academy 1st XI
R WIgginsc L Morrisb O Pardoe70758714093.33
D Goodmanc and bJ Evans2736605075.00
K Currencyst L Morrisb R Clayton40314642129.03
D Marshallc (sub)b R Jones1217311070.59
J Drakesnot out2238392057.89
J Jonesc A Churchillb J Simmons1012250083.33
C Holder+not out22200100.00
Extras1nb 10w 0lb 10b 0pen21
Provisional Score For Innings204
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total204for 5
J Simmons7.023612 (2)0 (0)44.005.14
T Ellis-Williams7.002802 (2)0 (0)0.004.00
J Evans4.002311 (1)0 (0)25.005.75
A Churchill7.015402 (2)1 (1)0.007.71
O Pardoe4.002912 (3)0 (0)26.007.25
R Jones3.001310 (0)0 (0)18.004.33
R Clayton3.001110 (0)0 (0)18.003.67
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
D Goodman74-174D Goodman (27) R WIggins (37)14.3
R WIggins132-258R WIggins (33) K Currency (17)20.3
K Currency157-325K Currency (23) D Marshall (2)24.3
D Marshall171-414D Marshall (10) J Drakes (3)28.0
J Jones201-530J Jones (10) J Drakes (18)34.3
R Claytonb J Mascoll46991476046.46
O Luckwellb J Yearwood24100050.00
M Jonesrun out (J Jones)022000.00
J Simmons*b J Yearwood026000.00
D Williamsc C Holderb J Yearwood26130033.33
L Morris+c and bJ Small01016000.00
J Evansc D Goodmanb J Small1518211183.33
O Pardoeb J Jones317210017.65
T Ellis-Williamsb D Marshall63546182116.67
R Jonesnot out11 700100.00
A Churchillnot out63 510200.00
Extras6nb 17w 6lb 13b 0pen42
Provisional Score For Innings180
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total180for 9
D Marshall7.012511 (1)4 (4)47.003.57
J Yearwood3.001234 (4)1 (1)7.674.00
J Small4.011221 (3)0 (0)12.503.00
R Bibby4.002801 (1)0 (0)0.007.00
J Jones6.022211 (5)1 (1)38.003.67
D Goodman5.012001 (1)0 (0)0.004.00
J Mascoll6.004212 (2)0 (0)38.007.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
O Luckwell11-111O Luckwell (2) R Clayton (4)1.3
M Jones11-20M Jones (0) R Clayton (0)1.5
J Simmons11-30J Simmons (0) R Clayton (0)3.1
D Williams19-48D Williams (2) R Clayton (4)5.2
L Morris22-53L Morris (0) R Clayton (1)8.0
J Evans49-627J Evans (15) R Clayton (4)14.0
O Pardoe56-77O Pardoe (3) R Clayton (1)18.2
T Ellis-Williams172-8116T Ellis-Williams (63) R Clayton (31)34.0
R Clayton174-92R Clayton (1) R Jones (1)34.3
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: I Murphy
Scorers: J Davies

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