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Tour to Australia 1998

Taken from the 1998 League Handbook - written by Brian Crockett, Tour Manager & Vice Chairman S.W.J.C.L.

After two years of planning the party of 48 left a cold and windy Heathrow Airport on New Year's Day for Australia. There was much excitement on the flight as to what lay ahead in Australia.

We arrived in Sydney on the 3rd January and although tired, we set off to tour SydneyHarbour and the surrounding areas that afternoon. The following day we played the llawara Academy, in hindsight a match too soon, but we fulfilled our obligations, losing by 70 runs.

Ilawarra Academy 129-8 (Richard Grant 2-17) S.W.J.C.L. 59 all out

The following day we travelled to Newcastle where we played three consecutive matches, losing one and drawing two, the other match being rained off. We must thank Bruce Sullivan for his excellent arranging, and everyone for the wonderful welcome we received.

Eastern Districts 166 all out (Jay Copp 5-27)
S.W.J.C.L. 153-4 (Simon Tuckett 56)
Match Drawn

S.W.J.C.L. 133-8 (Jonathan Hubschmid 41)
Newcastle Juniors 136-5 (Lloyd Ebdon 2-21 CarlRoberts 2-21)
Lost by 5 wkts

Maitland 151-7 (Mark Jones 2-11)
S.W.J.C.L. 102-8 (Jaimie Morgan 43)
Match Drawn

The match at Gloucester was cancelled due to heavy rain. A wonderful time was had by all in Newcastle.

We all then travelled to Gosford for five nights and four consecutive matches. By this time the boys were starting to settle down, with two matches played at Adcock Park and two at Graham Park, where the England touring side had played. There were two victories and two draws. Our thanks to Brian Sawyer for his invaluable help.

Gosford/Wyong 148-6 (Richard Grant 2-18)
S.W.J.C.L. 147-9 (Jonathan Hubschmid 50 Simon Tuckett 27)
Match Drawn

S.W.J.C.L. 210-8 (Ian Mirks 36 Simon Tuckett 27 Jaimie Morgan 37)
Gosford/Wyong 166 all out (Jonathan Hubschmid 4-19, Jay Copp 2-31, Carl Roberts 2-22 and Sam Richards 2-23)
Won by 44 Runs

Gosford 188-9 (Richard Grant 3-21, Phil Owen 3-54 and Sam Richards 2-28)
S.W.J.C.L. 106-9
Match Drawn

Gosford 118 all out (Jonathan Hubschmid 3-31, Jay Copp 2-15, Richard Grant 2-21, Mark Jones 2-19)
S.W.J.C.L. 120-9 (Simon Tuckett 44)
Won by 1 wicket

The party then travelled back to Sydney for our internal flight to Melbourne. Our next venue was the gold mining town of Ballarat about 2 hours drive from Melbourne, where we played three matches, losing one and winning two.

Mount Clare 237-8 (Jonathan Hubschmid 2-26, Jay Copp 2-29, Mark Jones 2-54)
S.W.J.C.L. 170 all out (Jonathan Hubschmid 51 Mark Jones 2-19)
Lost by 67 Runs

Beaufort 75 all out (Richard Grant 3-7, Phil Owen 3-31, Jay Copp 2-11)
S.W.J.C.L. 78-5 (Lloyd Ebdon 32, Rhodri Wells 26)
Won by 5 wickets

Skipton 155-8 (Mark Jones 2-24, Jonathan Evans 2-18, Sam Richards 2-20)
S.W.J.C.L. 156-7 (Ian Mirks 51, Simon Tuckett 32, Rhodri Wells 25 not out)
Won by 3 wickets

Our thanks to Scott Fletcher for his excellent arrangements. We then went back to Melbourne for the last four days of the tour and to play our last two matches which we won.

Geelong College 47 all out (Carl Roberts 5-14, Jonathan Hubschmid 2-3 and Jay Copp 2-17)
S.W.J.C.L. 51-1 (Ian Mirks 31 not out)
Won by 9 wickets

Kew C.C. (Melbourne) 150 all out (Sam Richards 4-23, Richard Grant 2-31)
S.W.J.C.L. 154-3 (Ian Mirks 59, Carl Roberts 35 and Jonathan Hubschmid 33)
Won by 7 wickets

The end of tour dinner was a great success and thanks must go to Chairman Roy Williams, Coach Keith Harries for his dedication, umpires Alcwyn Jenkins, Peter Guard and Robert Miles for their support, our scorer Richard Harris and Chris Pain of Harvey World Travel. My thanks to our tour captain Mark Jones of Ammanford C.C. and all the other 15 players who performed so admirably in warm conditions. True representatives of the South Wales Junior Cricket League both on and off the field. To round off the tour in style the party attended the first day/night final between Australia and South Africa at the Melbourne Cricket Ground before flying home the following day. Many life long friends have been made on this tour by the boys, parents and myself, and I would like to finish by quoting:

"When the One Great Scorer comes to write against your name - He marks - not that you won or lost - but how you played the game" - which is exactly what the boys did.

Tour Manager / Vice Chairman S.W.J.C.L.
February 1998

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