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South Wales Junior Cricket League

Cup Competition Rules

These rules are applicable to all Cup Competitions run under the auspices of the South Wales Junior Cricket League.

  1. Clubs wishing to participate in any of the Cup Competitions must inform the Assistant Secretary in writing by the 31st January each year.
  2. Matches are to be played on specified dates - a number of which will be allocated within a period of one week. Where matches are not played due to adverse weather or ground conditions they must be re-scheduled within two weeks. In the event of prolonged inclement weather the Hon. Assistant Secretary will have responsibility for varying these.
  3. In the event of clubs failing to agree upon a date then it is the responsibility of the home club to offer a minimum of two dates one of which the opposing club must accept. The failure of either club to confirm to this rule will result in the forfeiture of the tie.
  4. In the event of inclement weather or adverse ground conditions, the home side must notify the opposition's Junior Organiser of cancellation, at least one hour before the scheduled commencement of play. Failure to do so, later cancellation, or abandonment of the match, will result in home advantage passing to the opposition for whom Rule 3 will then apply.
  5. It is the responsibility of the winning team to notify the Hon. Assistant Secretary of the match result. This must be done in writing on an official result card signed by the junior organiser of both clubs, no later than 4 days after the closing date of the relevant round. Failure to do so will result in a fine of 5, and could result in the presumption that the tie has not been played, any result declared null and void, and the winners will be decided by the toss of a coin, conducted by two or more officials of the League.
  6. In the event of any dispute involving communications between clubs, it will be held that the side with home advantage is wholly responsible for initiating match arrangements.
  7. Each club is to provide an adult umpire (over 18 years of age), and scorer, for each match. The League will provide two umpires for the Final, who are to be made fully aware of the rules relating to the S.W.J.C.L. for that match. This is to be the responsibility of the League Official delegated to the particular game.
  8. If any match ends with the scores of both sides level, then the side which has taken the greater number of wickets shall be deemed the winner. If the number of wickets are equal, then the side whose total contains the least extras wins. If still equal then the match must be replayed.
  9. Any Junior will only be allowed to play for one club in any K.O. Cup Competition in the same season.

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