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    a) No player shall play for more than one League Club during the season without the consent of the Management Committee.
    b) It is the responsibility of every club to ensure that players are eligible to play for them. Failure to comply will result in sanctions being taken against that club as deemed suitable by the management committee. This could take the form of a fine, deduction in points or both.
    c) Should any player wish to transfer to another club during the season, even in the event of a Club withdrawing from the League, he shall send a written application to the Hon. Secretary accompanied by a letter from an official of the previous club giving permission or otherwise. If permission is granted, the Hon. Secretary will sanction the transfer immediately. If permission is not granted, the case will be considered by the Management Committee.
    No request for transfer will be allowed after 30th June, except in the case of a club withdrawing from the League, where later requests may be considered.
    d) No junior cricketer who has played for a England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) affiliated club from outside the South Wales Junior Cricket League may play in the league without the approval of the Management Committee.


    A club not fulfilling a scheduled or arranged League or Cup fixture shall be fined £10.00 payable to the League and may be required to pay any expenses of the non offending club. The club which is ready to play shall report the circumstances to the Hon. Assistant Secretary within 7 days of the offence and after confirmation by the Management Committee will be awarded the winning points plus 50% of the bonus points available for a League fixture or a walkover in a Cup Competition.
    In the event of any club withdrawing from competitions during a season, the results of all matches played by that club in the Competition shall be null and void.  Any team withdrawing from a league competition prior to, or during the season, will be fined £30 and the following year's application will be reviewed by the Management Committee.  Whenever possible, clubs on the reserve list will be invited to fill any such vacancy(ies).
    Any fine imposed by the Management Committee and not received by the Hon. Treasurer by the next scheduled monthly meeting of the Management Committee, will be automatically doubled. The fine will continue to be doubled if not received by subsequent meetings. In the case of fines concerning the non-return of result cards payment of the fine alone does not abjure responsibility for the return of the offending result card, and a further fine or fines may be imposed for the same offence if the card is not received by the Secretary prior to the next scheduled Management Committee Meeting.
    A disciplinary Sub-Committee shall be set up to deal with any protests or complaints from League fixtures and any competition, arrangement or function organised by the League. Any protests should be sent to the Hon. Secretary in writing within 7 days of the occurrence together with a £10.00 deposit which is refundable at the discretion of the Management Committee on the outcome of the appeal.  A copy of the letter of protest must also be sent to the other club involved where applicable.  Any decision made will be given to those parties present on the same evening. Clubs wishing to may appeal to the Management Committee within 7 days.

    a) The DisciplinarySub-Committee shall have full powers to hold an inquiry and then deal with Full and Associate Members, Officials or Players deemed guilty of having offended against or committed a breach of these general rules, and shall be entitled to take such action and impose such penalties by way of reprimand, fine, suspension, expulsion or other penalty as is thought fit.  All Members shall have the right of appearance and representation at inquiries.
    b) The Disciplinary Sub-Committee shall consist of three representatives of the management committee.  The Disciplinary Sub-Committee shall elect a Chairman at the commencement of each meeting.  The Chairman shall cast a second vote if required.  The Hon. Secretary and Child Welfare Officer, if not elected to this Sub-Committee shall be an ex officio member with no voting rights.
    c) The Appeals Committee shall resolve on all Appeals against decisions affecting League members and individuals participating in League events and processes.
    d) The Appeals Committee shall consist of all members of the Management Committee, except those who sat on the original Disciplinary Sub-Committee.  A Chairman shall be elected at the commencement of that particular meeting.  Decisions of the Appeals Committee shall be final and binding.
    e) Every Junior Player must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.  No player under 14 years of age may attend, but a parent/guardian may attend to put their case.  If the parent/guardian agrees then the club's junior organiser may act on their behalf.

    Should any question arise affecting the League which is not provided for in these Rules, the Management Committee shall have the power to deal with same.

    Every effort must be made to play matches on a grass wicket. Matches should not be played or continued when the ground, light or weather conditions make it unreasonable or dangerous to do so.
    If a match is to be played on an all-weather strip then the opposition must be informed so that proper footwear is brought to the game. Failure to notify the opposition will result in a fine of £10.00.

    No finals will be played on a Bank Holiday Sunday or Monday unless both competing teams agree.

    A Club seeking membership of the S.W.J.C.L. must write to the Hon. Secretary by 31st October of the preceding season.
  15.   A grounds inspection will then be carried out before the next scheduled Management Committee Meeting, to allow a decision to be made at that meeting on the suitability of the application for membership to go before the AGM.



  17. In the event of the league ceasing to exist, and following the discharge of all debts and liabilities, all assets at the time of dissolution shall become the property of the affiliated member clubs.  No individual member(s) may obtain any asset from the league.



  19. The League shall be members of Cricket Wales and the England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and affiliated to any other bodies which may be advantageous to the League.

This section refers to League fixtures and any competition, arrangement or function organised and controlled by the League, or to cases where the South Wales Junior Cricket League has been requested by both parties to intervene or adjudicate. The League strongly recommends that all member Clubs,  adopt the appropriate parts of the following Disciplinary process, which will enable it to accede to requests to intervene and adjudicate, as well as to gain co-operative action of all member Clubs to the rightful Disciplinary Process of one of them.

(a) It shall be a disciplinary offence:

(i) For any player in connection with, or in the course of, League fixtures and any competition, arrangement or function organised and controlled by the League to misconduct himself, or to act at any time in a manner calculated to prejudice the good name or interests of the League.

(ii) For any Club to fail properly to control or discipline its players, or to act in a manner calculated to prejudice the good name or interests of the South Wales Junior Cricket League.

(iii) Providing that the disciplinary procedure including right of appeal can be shown to have followed the model identified in clauses 18-20 of the WCA Constitution, then the WCA will take disciplinary action against any League or club that plays a cricketer during the period of a ban by an affiliated league or club under the clause 20(a)(ii).

The Players and/or Club committing an offence shall be liable to penalties in the manner and as described hereafter.

(b) For the purposes of these Rules the expression ‘the player’ shall throughout these Rules be deemed to mean and include not only any player, but also any member or official of any Club or if appropriate any other person involved in any incident of possible misconduct occurring on the field of play, or on the premises of the Club as may be appropriate in the particular circumstances.

(c) Any complaint or report will be investigated only if made in writing to the Secretary of the League within 7 days of the alleged event.

(d) Before any penalty is imposed there shall be a disciplinary hearing before the Disciplinary Sub-Committee of the League. At least 7 days’ notice in writing of the hearing and of the alleged offence shall be given to the player, or in the case of a Club, its Secretary, in writing. The player or Club shall be entitled to attend the hearing, to be legally or otherwise represented and to call witnesses — as shall the South Wales Junior Cricket League.

(e) If at the hearing the Disciplinary Sub-Committee find the alleged offence proved it shall have the power to impose one or more of the following penalties:

(1) in the case of a player:

(i) suspension for one or more matches or sine die

(ii) a fine of not more than £25

(iii) reprimand

(2) in the case of a Body:

(i) expulsion from the League

(ii) expulsion from any competition of the League

(iii) deduction of points

(iv) a fine not exceeding £100

(f) A player or Club found by the Disciplinary Sub-Committee to have committed an offence or upon whom the Disciplinary Sub-Committee has imposed a penalty shall have the right of Appeal to the Appeals Committee. Notice of Appeal setting out the ground must be given in writing to the Secretary of the SWJCL within 7 days of the notification of the decision of the Disciplinary Sub-Committee together with a deposit of £10. Upon receipt of the Notice of Appeal the penalty shall not take effect pending the hearing of the Appeal.

(g) The Appeal shall be by the way of a rehearing. The player or Club and the League shall have the same rights of attendance and representation, and to call witnesses as they had before the Disciplinary Sub-Committee.  If leave is sought to present any fresh evidence to the Appeals Committee, particulars of such evidence and of the reason why it was not presented to the Disciplinary Committee must be forwarded to the Secretary of the League.

(h) The Appeals Committee may confirm, vary or reverse the decision of the Disciplinary Sub-Committee. The Appeals Committee shall also have the power at its discretion not to return the deposit where it considers the appeal to be without merit.

(i) The decision of the Appeals Committee, or, if no appeal, of the Disciplinary Committee shall be final and binding.


Should any of the above matches be cancelled by adverse weather conditions they must be played within 48 hours of the scheduled date.  Failure to do so will result in a decision being made by the Management Committee.

28. Result Reporting for all Competitions

a) The HOME team must text the match result to the Results Hotline telephone number within 24 hours of the match. Stating, Age group, zone, team score, overs and result. Failure to do so will result in a £5 fine.

Example 1:- U14B Civil Service 121-3 in 20 overs beat Mumbles 104-7 in 20 overs by 17 runs.

Example 2:- U11B Civil Service 294-5 (net 274) lost to Mumbles 294-4 (net 278) by 4 runs.

b) For each match the HOME club shall enter the scorecard on the “Play Cricket” website within 7 days, and the AWAY club shall check and confirm the result within 10 days of the match.


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